Beginner BJJ

What Is The AFG Beginner BJJ Program?

Our Beginner program is designed to guide new Grapplers through the fundamental techniques required to establish a solid base in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). There are hundreds of individual movements and techniques that one can learn and master. A common problem seen in other BJJ academies is that the advanced students are not separated from the first-timers, creating situations where the beginner must force through moves with brute force, causing bad form and potential injuries for both grapplers. At AFG BJJ we do not have this problem, as our Instructors and Senior Grapplers work directly with every new member to gradually develop their skills and level of physical conditioning. BJJ is not your typical sport or activity. The objective is to wrestle your opponent to the ground, transition to a dominant position and submit them by tap out.  

What To Expect In The Beginner Program

A typical Beginner BJJ class starts with a warm-up and light stretching, followed by technique breakdowns and situational drills. Every class is finished with strength and conditioning exercises and a cool-down. As a Beginner Grappler you will learn the main BJJ positions, transitions and submissions in a controlled setting, under direct supervision of an Instructor or Senior Grappler. If you own a kimono or gi, please bring it with you to your first class. If you don't have one, no worries, just wear shorts or jogging pants and a t-shirt and you will be fine. The Beginner program prepares new members for the Advanced BJJ program.