Advanced BJJ

What Is The AFG Advanced BJJ Program?

The Advanced Program at AFG BJJ is a collection of high-level grappling techniques that are highly effective in real life self-defence situations. AFG Advanced Grapplers are instructed each movement step by step and are supervised until the technique is ingrained in their skillset.

Members who attend this program regularly and put in the work required are able to achieve and maintain a high level of technical skill and impeccable physical conditioning. In his program, Instructor Ahmad emphasizes the importance of proficient technique, leverage and timing to subdue opponents, not just relying on brute force and strength. 

What To Expect In Your First Class

A typical class starts with a warm-up and BJJ-specific calisthenics, followed by technical drills and sparring. Each class ends with segments of strength and flexibility group training. To ensure a safe and productive learning experience for all training partners, muscling through techniques and spastic sparring are not part of the AFG BJJ environment. 

It is also worth mentioning, you won't find any instructors dangling belt promotion in front of you in this program. Promotions are based on skill level, not how many seminars you can attend.